Meet Katrina Gray: Student Shares Study Abroad Experience in Egypt

“You can’t just stay in and study all the time. If you don’t get to know people on an intimate level, you won’t really experience the culture. You cannot be afraid of getting harassed or of the stereotypes. Until you get to know the Egyptian people, the stereotypes feel true, but when you get to know them, their guard comes down. We are a lot alike.” [Read Katrina’s posts.]

Studying at UW-Madison: Mandy Sioman Chan

“Especially in this era of globalization, I believe being international and knowing more about other cultures will be very helpful in my career. Coming to the US gives me the opportunity to reach out to diverse people who are eager to accept different cultures.” [Read Mandy’s profile.]

Graduate Studies in Senegal: Jenny Parker

“I am doing an administrative internship in what is called the rectorat, or the office of the chancellor at the Université Gaston Berger in Saint-Louis.” [Read Jenny’s profile.]

Teaching in Japan: John Wells ’73

Konnichi wa! Hello from Yokohama, Japan!  My name is John and after graduating from UW-Madison in Dec.1973, I decided to get a fresh start and begin a new and exciting life in Japan.” [Read John’s post.]

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