[Editor’s note: UW-Madison engineering student Jeff Schacherl spent his summer interning at Plexus Corporation in Penang, Malaysia. We lifted this post from his blog, with permission.]

Jeff Schacherl

Jeff Schacherl


I haven’t had time recently to update the blog because I have been very busy with work! Two of my projects are at critical points and two deadlines are Monday and Tuesday of this coming week. Monday, I have a design review for my project that I need to prepare for, and Tuesday the Penang Mechanical team has to submit part designs for a different project.

Mechanical group at Plexis PDC

Mechanical group at Plexus PDC

My birthday came and went last Tuesday, but I was too busy to do too much. I went out for lunch with some friends for work and they got me a cake, so that was nice! Then, back to work! 🙂

Yesterday (Saturday) I did get to relax a little bit- I went on a small organized fishing trip with seven people from Plexus. We took a boat from a jetty on the north side of the island- the weather was great which was very lucky! Rain can come unpredictably. We stopped at a somewhat remote beach to fish from shore. It was pretty rocky and I couldn’t catch anything! The group caught maybe 10 or 12 small fish including a baby shark and green puffer fish!

The best part was the scenery and hiking around to finding the fishing spots. We were climbing all over these giant rocks and through the jungle- and you think that fishing is falling asleep in a gently rocking boat! I only got my hook stuck off in the rocks and lost a lot of sinkers and bait.

Jeff internship fishing two

Most people think that the moon influences the tide, but actually its people like me losing so many things in the ocean that increases the water level…

Fishing on the north side of Penang Island

Fishing on the north side of Penang Island

My camera battery died so I have no pictures! Sad… but other people took pictures and I will try to get my hands on some to put up here! Otherwise, check back for more photos from Thailand- I am still working on uploading more!

Last night, did some karaoke with some friends and ate some Fillipino home cooking, mm!!!


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