ayy no puedo creerlo…estaré en EEUU en SOLAMENTE 6 semanas.  Es que, me siento como he desarrollado una vida aquí, una identidad y que parte de mi siempre va a quedar aquí.  No recuerdo mucho de lo que tengo en los Estados Unidos salvo las personas..mi familia, mis amigos, mi novio etc., sin embargo, tengo una “familia” aquí en mi apartamento y amigos de la escuela…sólo me falta un novio :-p.

Things are going very well here in Spain!  I am truly enjoying is and it’s such a bitter sweet feeling thinking about going “home” a place that I feel is right here in Madrid, España.  I could definitely stay here longer because now I feel I have an established life here and that I’ve just grown fond of the lovely people I live with and the exciting night life and interesting classes.  I still really haven’t gotten sick of Spanish.  Sure, some days are better than others for speaking in Spanish, but I’m definitely going to miss the opportunity to talk to everyone in Spanish.  

Exams are this coming week so I’ve been busy studying, but it’s always harder to focus when in the lively atmosphere of Madrid.  (I hope my English makes sense…sometimes I mix up words)  mmm so the positive part of leaving this place I now call home is that I will get to spend time in WISCONSIN and be with my family; however, lo malo es que (the bad part is that) I have to leave my life that i have here..or postpone it until I can come back.  We had a graduation ceremony last week, which was very interesting in that it lasted 2 and a half hours!!! But it was very nice of the university to host it.  One of the representatives made a comment that really influenced me.  She said that graduation is just a passing in time, a time of transition and that the ceremony was not meant to say goodbye to us or make us feel like we need to leave, but rather the opposite.  To welcome us to Spain, praise us for our accomplishments and say “hasta siempre”…until forever.  

Esta frase tiene razón…she was very right.  We now I think…speaking on behalf of the students here…feel very connected to this country.  Sure, there are some aspects of the culture and life I won’t get used to like understanding the pasión del fútbol and bullfighting and why the napkins don’t actually absorb anything; however, overall I have really valued most things of the culture like taking time to be with friends and family, siestas, not doing today what can be done tomorrow and just savoring the present moment instead of wasting the present to worry about the future.  I am sad to be leaving, but it will just be the beginning of another chapter in my life that will hopefully continue to travel, observe and life in many other cultures in the future.

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